TRUE P2P E-Commerce Loyalty Platform on Blockchain

Empowering Blockchain Merchants and Consumers with decentralized and secure Peer-to-Peer technology driving customer satisfaction and loyalty through Merchant’s trade-able IOUs.

IOU Approach

IOU reinvents existing loyalty systems in order to provide more flexibility, control, and many more benefits for Merchants in order to guarantee the highest possible level of consumer satisfaction for the incurred marketing expenditures.

IOU “loyalty system” allows business owners to create a new level of interaction with consumers and, most importantly, provides the opportunity for consumers to freely exchange their purchased IOUs with other consumers for other IOUs which are needed more for those trading parties.

Benefits for Merchants and Consumers

Tokenizing Merchant Promotional Offers on Blockchain

Loyalty and Customer Retention

IOU obligations would become Flagship Blockchain Loyalty Programs for Merchants, secured and effective way to promote special offers to Consumers.

Viral Marketing

Each Consumer truly would become the “agent” targeting other Consumers on P2P exchange seeking to trade their acquired IOUs with other Consumers based on the need and value at the time of the transaction. Such approach allows merchants to obtain a stable influx of new customers and truly loyal customers.

IOU P2P Exchange — Market Driven Flexibility

Consumers would securely acquire IOU offers from the Merchants with specific terms for the promotional product or service such as time of expiration, limited quantity and exchange terms. Such flexibility would give Consumers certain time-frame to utilize products or services or provide opportunity to trade their IOUs with other Consumers anywhere around the world.

For example, Consumer A purchased restaurant IOU in Rome and is traveling to Paris might trade his/her IOU with the Consumer B who is traveling to Rome for the restaurant in Paris. We believe many Consumers would choose to purchase multiple IOUs from the same Merchant if the offer is attractive to have opportunity to trade some with other Consumers. This approach drives customer satisfaction while giving Merchants would not only get the opportunity to attract new customers but also receive their funds in advance.

Global E-Commerce Revenues

Number of people purchasing via e-commerce 1.61 billion
E-Commerce penetration (Number of purchasers vs. total population) 22%
Total value of Global E-Commerce market in 2016 (in US$) $1.915 trillion
Average annual e-commerce revenue per user in 2016 (in US$) $1,189

IOUX Tokens Utilization

Merchants must pay 5% Gas fee in IOUX Tokens for every IOU offer issued for Consumers (in addition to the 5% Fee on any purchases made by other crypto currency, while purchases made by IOUX Tokens would be exempt). In exchange, to provide incentives for the IOUX Token holders every IOUX Token transaction would be granted additional 5% Discount to the Consumers. Additional 20 Loyalty Tokens would be given equally each time to both Merchants and Consumers after accumulating transactions of 1000 Tokens.

Merchant would also have an option to Guarantee the Service and issue refunds of payments if product or service offered by their IOU offers was not satisfactory. Thus additional IOUX Tokens would be escrowed until the completion of the term of the IOU Offer. During issuance of IOU offers, Merchants must agree to the Token Discount, Service Guarantee and Gas Fee Terms. This structure would ensure high utilization and demand of the IOUX Tokens.

IOUX Token Structure and ICO Bonuses

200,000,000 IOUX Tokens
1 IOUX = $0.28
Allocated for ICO and Private Sale. Company will burn unsold tokens and use 20% of e-commerce transaction fees on buy-back program to quarterly acquire IOUX tokens from listed exchanges and burn those re-purchased tokens.
Tokens Bonuses
PRE-ICO 10,000,000 40% + Volume Bonus
ICO 100,000,000 Tokens Sold Bonus,
Time of Crowd Sale Bonus,
Volume Bonus
Tokens Sold Bonus (ICO)
Less than 10MM Tokens 30%
10MM–20MM Tokens 25%
20MM–30MM Tokens 20%
30MM–40MM Tokens 15%
40MM–50MM Tokens 10%
50MM+ Tokens 5%
Time of Crowd Sale Bonus (ICO)
20 Days 10%
21–40 Days 8%
41–60 Days 6%
61–80 Days 4%
80+ Days 2%
Volume Bonus (PRE-ICO and ICO)
1,000–5,000 Tokens 5%
5,001–10,000 Tokens 7.5%
10,001–15,000 Tokens 10%
15,001–20,000 Tokens 12.5%
20,001+ Tokens 15%

IOUX Token Distribution Post ICO
(Excluding Frozen Tokens)

Public — 57.5% Founders and Management — 20% ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers — 2% Company — 20.5%

Budget Allocation

Technology — 45% Marketing / Expansion — 35% Operations — 12% Other — 8%


Mar 17
Market Research
May 17
Feasibility Study
Jun 17
Prototype Design
Jul 17
Development Environment Setup Start Implementing Existing Loyalty System Modules into Blockchain Environment
Aug 17
Start P2P IOU Exchange Development
Sep 17
Phase I: Module Testing and Q/A
Oct 17
Finish P2P IOU Exchange Development
Nov 17
Start Mobile Application Development Start Phase II: Loyalty Project Development
Aug 18
Finish Phase II: Loyalty Project Development Start Phase III: Loyalty Project Development PRE-ICO / White-Listing
Sep 18
Start ICO / White-Listing
Dec 18
Finish Phase III: Loyalty Project Development Exchange Listing Initiative
Jan 19
IOU Loyalty System Testing Q/A
Feb 19
Finish ICO / White-Listing
Mar 19
IOU Closed Beta Release
Apr 19
IOU Beta Release Start EMEA Marketing Expansion Campaign
Jun 19
End Beta — IOU v. 2.0 Release
Aug 19
Finish EMEA Marketing Expansion Campaign
Sep–Dec 19
APAC Marketing Expansion Campaign
Jan–May 20
North America / Iberia / Latin America Marketing Expansion Campaign

Meet Us

Russia Blockchain Summit 2018 Aug, 23–24. Moscow, Russia.
Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018 Aug, 28. Suntec, Singapore.
Block Hedge Asia 3rd Edition Aug, 31. Bangkok, Thailand.
Crypto Investment and ICO Summit Sep, 5–7. Sydney, Australia.
Cyberport Sep, 9–10. Hong Kong, China.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference Sep, 11. Lake of Constance, Austria.
Crypto Expo Moscow 2018 Sep, 15. Moscow, Russia.
Brazil FinTech Roadshow Sep, 17–19. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
World Blockchain Congress Sep, 19–20. Zurich, Switzerland.
European Investment Summit Sep, 25. London, UK.
Blockchain Live 2018 Sep, 26. London, UK.
Teamz Blockchain Summit Sep, 28–29. Tokyo, Japan.
Block Hedge Business 5th Edition Oct, 12. Zug, Switzerland.
2BBlockchain Conference Oct, 18–19. Berlin, Germany.
Crypto Expo Asia 2018 Oct, 26. Suntec, Singapore.
Crypto Summit 2018 Oct, 28–29. Zurich, Switzerland.
World Crypto Con Oct, 31 — Nov, 2. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 Nov, 1–2. Malta.
Future of Payments, E-commerce & Retail Nov, 7–8. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Crypto Investor Show Nov, 9–10. Manchester, UK.
Blockchain Technology Conference Nov, 19–21. Berlin, Germany.
Crypto Expo Asia 2018 Nov, 24. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Team and Strategic Advisors

Vladimir Shevchenko
Chief Executive Officer
Vladimir is a venture capitalist, marketer, strategic thinker and true global entrepreneur with vast experience in developing world-class advanced technology ventures.
Vitaly Garshtya
Chief Visionary Officer
Vitaly is a blockchain enthusiast and business process innovator. His extensive experience and passion for solving inefficiencies and developing innovative E-Commerse solutions brought IOU project to frontline of blockchain community.
Vladislav Frantz
Chief Technology Officer / Systems Architect
Vladislav is our “brainiac” intelligent thinker transitioning any technology innovation into structured user-friendly scalable solution.
Max Kostin
Chief Information Officer
Max has a planner mind ensuring cost efficient and stable IT environment for IOU infrastructure.
Edward W. Mandel
Strategic Advisor – Business Development
Edward is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Blockchain Enthusiast and visionary behind many successful organizations. An avid entrepreneur, Edward has a knack for designing distinctive business models complemented with superior technology to deliver unparalleled service and profitability.
Sol Alan Saad
Strategic Executive Advisor – International Investment Banking and Business Development
Sol is an accomplished senior executive with extensive international investment banking and commercial banking experience, with business development, financial and operational management skills to contribute to the increased ROI and bottom-line profitability for a high-growth organization. Sol is highly motivated, results oriented leader with extensive experience at the senior financial and operational leadership level. His long tenure as senior executive in leading financial organizations such as Salomon Brothers, Ladenburg Thalmann and currently The Phillmore Group shows outstanding record of achievement in the investment banking, private equity, and venture capital sectors.
Victor Jacobs
Business Development Executive
Victor is skilled business development executive specializing in establishing new partnerships, strategic alliances, revenue and private equity channels for fintech and e-commerce industries.
Andreas Ioannou
Legal and Compliance Executive
Andreas is a corporate legal strategist who builds a deep understanding of commercial aspect of any organization. He has shown upmost dedication to servicing his clients with ability to solve problems when solutions appear difficult. He is a graduate of University of Liverpool. His passion is Rugby and he serves as a chairman of Judicial and Disciplinary Committee of the Cyprus Rugby Federation.
Marios Charalambides
Corporate Structuring and Accounting
Marios is experienced financial corporate strategist providing corporate, fiduciary, audit, tax and accounting services in various jurisdictions. Marios thrives on ensuring the projects he is involved in are compliant and well structured for success.
Andrey Nechesov
Blockchain Developer, Scientist
Andrey is a blockchain developer and scientist. He built various successful blockchain solutions, audit proof smart contracts and complex algorithms for Fintech blockchain projects. His passion is mathematics and he helps many young math entusiasts to thrive in their passion.
Vyacheslav Mirgorodsky
Full Stack Developer
Vyacheslav is a skilled computer scientist, blockchain expert and full stack developer whose creative and innovative concepts helped many organizations streamline their business processes.
Evan Berger
International Legal and Venture Finance Strategy
Evan has over 24 years of experience in the Fintech and Technology industry guiding legal and private equity strategies for many small and large organizations. He served in a number of capacities, including being a general counsel, managing consultant and executive strategist for various projects.
German Tanov
Marketing Strategist
German is experienced marketing specialist and ICO expert. He helped develop many successful marketing campaigns through various influencer and social media channels. His passion is to thrive success for his projects maximizing value of success based on given budget.
Kamal Mustafa
Strategic Advisor
Kamal is a curious and passionate problem solver with passion is to decipher customer journey and empower business growth through data science technology. He has proven abilities in analyzing and interpreting unique problems with a combination of training experience and logical thinking to get the right solutions.
Nick Vero
Sales and Marketing Strategist
Nick is a young and passionate digital marketing specialist, crypto trader and technologist. He consulted for many successful blockchain projects.
Maxim Garbuzov
Community Manager. Social Media Marketer.
Maxim is a professional social media marketer and community manager. He acomplished over 150 successful campaigns incluiding vast number of ICO marketing projects.
Roman Miroshnichenko
Digital Marketing Strategist. Project Manager.
Roman is a senior digital marketing specialist who managed and successfully executed many ICO campaigns through various media channels.
Dr. Bing Deng, PhD
Blockchain Strategist / Crypto Investor / APAC Marketing
Dr. Bing Deng is a seasoned venture capitalist. As a President of Washington International Business Group he specializes in investing and guiding blockchain technology companies to expand their business globally and developing marketing strategies in Asia Pacific region.
Pui Chi Wong
Strategic Advisor – Investment Banking, APAC Business Development
Pui Chi Wong is a seasoned venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur and business development executive. He is a global entrepreneur but mostly concentrating on APAC region currently. Although he personally built many successful ventures, his passion is supporting other entrepreneurs who he believes show innovation and truly passionate about their projects themselves.
Dr. Pavel Bondarev, PhD
Strategic Advisor – AI Development
Dr. Bondarev is a scientist, researcher and enrepreneur. A post-graduate of University of Westminster he developed many complex AI algorithms and recently created patented technology which will soon positively impact humans around the globe promoting their wellness and productivity. His passion is improving people’s lifestyles, health and business success through technological advances in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Personalization. Many colleagues believe he might become next Nobel Prize candidate one day.
Liudmila Erukhova
Strategic Advisor – Fintech Analyst
Liudmila is a blockchain expert, experiensed business executive and financial analyst. She is a researcher, writer and trader who has a knock of finding right trends and explaining her findings to her audience. Her passion is innovatons and AI.
Marlow Rosado
Strategic Advisor – Music and Entertainment Partnerships
Marlow is a multi-talented musician, an American Grammy Award Winner, entrepreneur and philanthropy. He loves blockchain and impact it can make to music industry, especially for indies musicians whom he thrives to help succeed. He believes IOU technology can help many musicians around the world to promote their albums to the wide audience eliminating need of labels and corporate distribution relationships. He has developed a plan to promote IOU through his network of famous musicians around the world and their audience. It wouldn’t be hard to guess that Marow’s passion is music but charity and educating young audience is equally important to him.
John Zanotti
Strategic Advisor – Business Development
John is a senior executive, strategic planner and entrepreneur. He helped many organizations develop strategies to expand their growth. His passion is golf.
Michelle L. Steingard
Strategic Advisor – Affiliate Marketing
Michelle is a serial entrepreneur and has a knock of creating channels for “fast and furious” distribution of products and services through affiliate relationships. She is passionate about e-commerce, financial technologies and marketing. She is a true business relationships builder. Her passion is traveling and meeting new interesting people, learning about their cultures and exchanging ideas.
Konstantinos Kastana
Strategic Advisor – Marketing EMEA
Konstantinos is a blockchain Enthusiast, Established Executive with over 20 years experience managing large scale projects, with a focus on operation management. A focus on a personal management and procedural efficiency in a modern environment.
Arturas Svirskis
Strategic Advisor – Marketing
Arturas is an experienced ICO advisor, ICObench expert and blockchain technology expert who helped many companies through successful ICO process. Fintech and e-commerce industry is his forte. His passion is to contribute maximum value to increase success of any project.
Salina Bo
Strategic Advisor – Compliance
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and multi-asset blockchain investor. Has invested in KYCBench, EOS, Ontology and around 11 projects. Holds a very high astute level of experience in launching investment funds and Blockchain Fintech companies effectively by fostering longstanding retail/institutional and governmental relationships worldwide.
Kirill Ovs
Strategic Advisor – Business Development
Kirill is a blockchain expert and executive mainly specializing in Fintech and business operations.
Tim Chen
Strategic Advisor – Marketing APAC
Tim thrives on marketing and sales initiatives. He has a very creative mind to turn any task into successful execution.
Bel R. Li
Strategic Advisor – PR APAC
Bel is a marketing and customer relations specialist. She is a fire when it comes to project execution. She is also a pilot as her true passion is flying. And that is where her speed of project execution comes from.
Karen Hu
Strategic Advisor – Partnerships APAC
Karen is an experienced client/partner relationship executive and communications manager. She is a problem solver who finds a win-win in any situation.
Michael Ma
Strategic Advisor – Corporate Sales APAC
Michael is a young and talented sales executive. He is truly a raising star professional speaker and presenter with solutions oriented approach.
Chi Le
Strategic Advisor – PR and Marketing, Southeast Asia
Chi Le is a young marketing specialist who loves taking new tasks to successful execution. She is also very passionate about blockchain and decentralization and is a crypto trader herself. She studies new blockchain projects daily and is always up to date on this “revolutionary movement” as she puts it.
Thang Bui
Strategic Advisor — Blockchain Developer, South Asia
Thang Bui is the master of computer science and blockchain developer. He is very passionate about blockchain technology, Dapps and is a crypto trader. He researched a lot of blockchain projects and believe that It will bring positive impacts to the 4.0 industry.